John R. Helliwell

School of Chemistry, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Andrzej Katrusiak

Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

Manfred S. Weiss

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Berlin Germany

Christian W. Lehmann

Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Germany

Giancarlo Terraneo

Laboratory of Supramolecular and BioNano Materials, Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering Politecnico di Milano

Robert Feidenhans'l

European XFEL GmbH

Teresa Duarte

Centro de Química Estrutural, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

Enrico Mugnaioli

Center for Nanotechnology Innovation@NEST, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italy)

Vilmos Fülöp

The University of Warwick

László Fábián

School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom 

Nikoletta Báthori

Chemistry Department, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa 

Gyula Faigel

Department of Experimental Solid State Physics, Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary

Beáta Vértessy

Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Laboratory of Genome Metabolism and Repair, Institute of Enzimology, RCNS HAS, Hungary

András Wacha

Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Sciences,  Hungary

Veronika Harmat

Laboratory of Structural Chemistry and Biology, Institute of Chemistry, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

Attila Bényei

Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Sándor Brockhauser

X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory, Biological Research Centre, HAS, Hungary

Éva Anna Enyedy

Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, University of Szeged, Hungary

Dubravka Sisak Jung

XRD Application Scientist, DECTRIS Ltd.

Petra Bombicz

Chemical Crystallography Research Laboratory, Research Centre for Natural Sciences,  Hungary