Dear Colleagues, we are pleased to invite you and your students to attend the 6th European Crystallographic School to be held in Budapest, Hungary 5-11 July 2020 under the auspices of the European Crystallographic Association and International Union of Crystallography.

Hungary is situated in the centre of both Europe and the Carpathian Basin, with her capital Budapest bisected by the River Danube. Aquincum (now Old Buda) was the north-easternmost castrum of the Roman Empire. The river halted the waves of the Great Migration on the eastern side of the Danube. The magnificent bridges symbolize the unity of East and West Europe. The panorama of the city along the riverside, the ring of surrounding hills, and the hot-water springs (with excellent medical properties) nourishing a chain of swimming pools offer visitors delightful hours, which may be followed by meals in wonderful restaurants or cold cellars sipping excellent Hungarian wines. We hope that we can share our city with you; we are sure that you will enjoy your stay.


  • Symmetries, point groups, space groups, periodicity, unit cell
  • Diffraction physics
  • Sources, detectors, future possibilities
  • Instrumentation
  • Crystallization small molecule
  • Protein production, purification, crystallization
  • Data collection, reduction, analysis
  • Structure solutions, refinement
  • Crystallographic databases (CSD, PDB)
  • Phasing and model building, disorder, twinning
  • Polymorphism, crystal engineering, supramolecular chemistry
  • Powder diffraction, Rietveld
  • Structure analysis and quality control
  • Data validation, cif and data handling
  • Non-ambient conditions
  • Small angle scattering
  • Electron microscopy
  • NMR and crystallography, NMR-crystallography
  • Structure-property relationship

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